TeraCopy 3.0 alpha 4

What’s new:

– File replace dialog.
– Clone files (copy/paste in same folder).
– Support for Windows 10 and Ultra HD monitors.
– Shutdown/Sleep/Hibernate on finish.
– Play sound at finish.
– Verify only copied files.
– Lot of bugs fixed.

It’s more usable now, but file list is not implemented yet.

Download: teracopy3a4.exe see v3 alpha 5.


  • 1163350674

    we no time play with you

  • Jaeha

    It’s file replace dialog in my pc

    • David McCready

      same here win 10 x64, even after clean install.

    • Fixed, please download the same file again.

      • Jaeha

        Working now thanks.

  • Alexandre Pasco

    Teracopy 3.0a4 don’t work on windows 7!!!

    • David McCready

      same here win 7 x64

      • Alexandre Pasco

        Yes, win 7 x64.

    • Thanks, will look into it now.

    • Fixed, please download again.

      • Alexandre Pasco

        It’s good. Teracopy 3.0a4 work now. Thanks

      • Ok, the UI now shows up in Windows 7, but there is still some blown up / pixelated UI and toolbar elements: Any idea what’s going on?

  • David McCready

    Working now thanks.

  • Nadir

    Doesn’t take over when copying from/to a portable device.

  • SlayerM .

    TeraCopy still do not replace windows file overwrite dialog when extracting files from RAR or 7Zip archives to folder, very sad.
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  • thecrackmaster

    glad to see teracopy is still under development

  • Philip P.

    Two slight bugs:

    1) On Win 8.1 x64 installing the normal version with checksum filetype associations enabled and automatically closing the explorer.exe process, the installer gives an error: “Runtime error 105 at 0000000000410E2B” (I think I got the number of 0s correct, but I could be wrong!) Teracopy does run, explorer.exe relaunches, and everything seems to work as expected. If you need any other system info from me let me know.

    2) The checksum verification time estimate seems to be off. When moving a 268MB PSD file from one drive (SSD) to another (Drobo RAID array) it estimated 17 minutes to verify the checksum, when in reality it took about 1.5 seconds.

    Other than that everything is great! LOVE this software – couldn’t do without it!

    EDIT: Found another small bug.
    When trying to move a file from my external Drobo drive to my SSD, and replace the existing file, the copy/overwrite works, but I get the following error:
    CopyLoop: Error deleting file: Access is denied.
    I have full admin privileges on all drives, and have UAC disabled (or rather, it’s most disabled state). The file was newly created by copying the original file from the SSD for the purposes of testing the new replace dialog (which worked great!)

  • ellydisqus

    Hi Oleg,
    When is the translation of new strings foreseen?
    (I’m a member of the translators on WebTranslateIt)

    • When all missing features will be implemented.. I’ll post a blog entry when it will be ready for translation.

      • ellydisqus

        All right!
        Thanks for answering.

  • David McCready

    Does not queue files when coping to different folders on same hard drive.

  • Daniel Randle Sr

    What about the File List View? Will it be added

    • Yes, most features from v2.3 will be added and file list is most important one.

      • Rich

        Is there an option to undock each copy operation?
        Having the ability to see the progress bar for each in the task bar is very useful with 2.3

      • MJr

        I am glad you didn’t opt for those colors, enormous buttons and text ! :)
        (or any round corners at all, which is so 90’s)

        The image of Alpha 5 above looks great.

  • Lee Thompson

    I just get a blank window with “TeraCopy 3.0 alpha 4” in the title bar and literally nothing else.
    Windows 2008R2 (Server)

    • David McCready

      try a clean install worked for me.

      • Lee Thompson

        I had to do a fresh download.

  • Sifou

    It doesn’t work when copying to a smartphone or tablet


    What about the new UI. by the way its looks fabulous because of the graph design.

  • Brady Town

    Everything looks great so far. I’m so happy to see you continuing to develop TeraCopy. I’m glad I purchased a license. Keep up the great work.

  • Andros

    I get horrible crashes from Teracopy 2. This is why I haven’t purchased a license. I hope these errors will be ironed out in the final V3

  • Jeffrey Alda

    Paano gawin Email site map

  • Andreas Toth

    I realise file list is to come, but this is critical and must be implemented ASAP for TeraCopy to be useful – we need to see what file is having what issue. Currently it’s worse than the system copy.

    • We’re working on it right now.

    • We’re working on it right now.

      • MJr

        That looks superb.

        I agree ‘test’ as a switch didn’t look right. But this way it looks like one of 4 action buttons (or maybe it is), but wouldn’t it be more intuitive as a checkbox positioned on the right? That way you know it works for both Copy and Move, with Delete simply ignoring it.

        • It’s not a switch, it’s another action for testing source files. ‘Test’ switch will be displayed on the next step after choosing ‘Copy’ or ‘Move’ operation.

          • MJr

            I see thanks that makes sense. I like minimalism though. And having that checkbox would reduce the amount of steps by 50% from 2 to 1 the way i see it. See what i mean, or wouldn’t it work like that?

          • Please try alpha 5 and see how it works.

  • Thomas

    (sorry for my bad english)

    I Move One Folder to local Server, the Replace Dialog push up with 2 Pictures. This was fine.
    Then i move next Folder to the server. Replace Dialog push up again, but now it shows the Pictures from the first move. i click on dialog and the big preview appears. this change the little preview on dialog too.
    The File name was in both folders “banner.jpg”

    the big preview after clicking on replace preview, cut the picture if they higher then Screen. I wish it re-size Image, so i see the complete Image or i can synchronous move the image section.

  • Novan Purnama

    teracopy can’t handle copy or moveing files on windows 10

    • Lee Smithies

      try a spell checker. its “moving”.

  • David Sucesso

    thank you very much for the update… +1 glad to see some progress your software is amazing :D

  • John Victor Antonio

    teracopy is by far, the best — but development is quite slow — developers and coders should accept paypal payments as incentives to finance teracopy

    • Lee Smithies

      have you used Microsoft RichCopy? if so how does it compare?

  • SlayerM .

    Will new beta intercept ALL copy/move command from Windows or not? TC 2.x couldn’t do that for some reason (in chosen operations) and this is sad.

  • Young Monster

    I have a EMPTY File list from alpha 3 … Is this normal?

  • Young Monster

    I am using Windows 2008. After I drag the folders into the TeraCopy 3 alpha 4, the “File list” is still EMPTY.
    I have no idea why it happen, but never on TeraCopy 2.

  • Lee Smithies

    i see this 3.0 doesn’t support XP. is there any chance that any serious issues in 2.3 will be fixed? if there is a list of known issues please post a link.