• Peacefull Anarchist

    If I purchase Terracopy 2 now, will it apply to the new and improved version 3 you’re planning on releasing soon? Thank you.

    • Yes

      • Michal

        Does this also apply if I purchased Teracopy years ago? Thanks.

        • Yes. If you’ve lost your key, just contact us to get the replacement.

          • Michal

            Thank you. In fact I didn’t realise it until you mentioned it but I DID lose it just yesterday when my computer was wiped out by crypto ransomware. Not a great Christmas morning present. Submitting a support ticket now.

        • BUBAY


    • Peacefull Anarchist

      Thank you. Already own Maverick, will be making a few more purchases.

  • Ennovy

    I bought Direct Folders and the email with my license says:

    Please remember that we offer a lifetime license with all our products, which means that you will be able to update your software online for free and for a lifetime. To do this, simply download and install the latest version of the product from our website.

  • Fan Of Oleg

    Thanks so much for the discount & resuming your excellent software (Teracopy)! I’ve wanted to support you & own the pro version for years, but I kept missing the once/year deal, and it seemed it was abandoned (so wasn’t going to pay full price). Great software, now a very fair price, and a license that works on future versions is EXCELLENT. Makes me proud to support you!

  • Thanks

    26.12.2014 to 07.01.2014 so -315 days ;)

  • Peacefull Anarchist

    I now own Maverick (full price), Terracopy, and Direct folders. Thank you for the well-written and useful programs. I wish I could install 3rd party software at work; direct folders is decent to use at home, but would be awesome at work with all our public-drives and the bosses craziness about creating new folders for each new idea or for just one file.

  • dwalker

    i want to by teracopy and Direct Folders with 50% discount. But paypal want 24 Dollar without discount ??? It must be 12 Dollars. Why? No Coupon Code?

  • Fan of Teracopy

    I love Teracopy! It’s really a great product!
    If I buy the full version will I then be able to reinstall it every time I reinstall my OS?

  • jomcty

    Damn, I missed the sale! :(