Direct Folders 3.72

  • Added: Ability to switch file dialogs to Large and Extra Large Icons modes.
  • Added: Changing ‘Load at Windows startup’ option without admin rights.
  • Fixed: Auto set view and sort modes under Windows Vista/7.
  • Fixed: Detecting currently open Explorer windows.
  • Fixed: Showing path of current executable for 64bit apps.
  • Added: Support for Total Commander 8.01rc4
  • Fixed: Double-clicking in file dialogs with files grouping.
  • Fixed: Not showing drives with more than 1 TB in size.

Almost all features should be working now under Windows 7/8. The main menu was also redesigned a little and new icons were added:


  • G Snyder

    Yay! I’m very happy to see Direct Folders getting some love. It’s still one of my favorite and most useful Windows add-ons.

  • Bobby G

    This is by far my most favorite and useful app. Now if you only can get the mouse click working in Firefox. Regardless, keep these updates coming!

    • DF is unable to intercept clicks in Firefox, but you can use buttons in Info Panel or hotkeys to access the menu.

      • Nicola Farina

        Firefox support is the ultimate feature we need. DirectFolders is a masterpiece.

        • Sorry, my english is very very poor.

          The reason why DF can not work with Firefox normally is very simple.

          Firefox block an unsafed dll named “hook.dll”, and … yes, Direct Folder just have a “hook.dll” with the whole same name.

          May Direct Folder master just rename “hook.dll” to “dfh32.dll”, and the problem with firefox shall be gone.

          • Thanks, I’ll fix it soon.

  • LN899

    Hmmm. I just installed the update, entered my Pro registration code, and the “about” window tells me I have version What’s more, I’m unable to open folders from the taskbar icon. Disappointing, since I’ve been waiting for this update for a long time.

    • Fixed, please re-download.

  • Ryusennin

    Nice to see Direct Folders further developed, as it’s the best alternative to the defunct Flash Folder. I mainly use DF to center and resize file requesters, which should have been a Windows feature since Win95.

    Version 3.72 seems to be the first one compatible with previously problematic apps like Google Chrome, which is great. However, I noticed the configuration panel is now systematically opened during Windows startup, which is quite annoying. That didn’t happen in previous versions.

    • It’s probably because DF starting twice, from Registry (old method) and from Startup folder.

      • Ryusennin

        Spot on. Thank you Jeff for the heads-up!

  • Peter Weller

    It seems the middle click isnt working anymore. Using Windows 7 64Bit

    • CL

      I am also on Win7 64bits. My experience is it works perfectly, inc the middle button. Issue is after a while, it failed. So far my suspicion is due to hibernation that trigger this issue. Unload / Quit it, and re-start it does not resolve it. My solution is to re-login. If need to test any beta code, I can offer to help.

  • kudzia

    DF – the best
    Директ фолдерс – это просто лучшая утилита в своем роде. Ничего проще, удобнее и быстрее я не встречал.

  • pure ocean

    Great utility. Thank you very much.

    Two Request:

    * New version added to large Icons. For new big monitor. Ok. But where is option old small icons modes? I prefer to small icons. At least, add to a option “small icons”.

    * Portable support. DirectFolders always save settings to “%appdata%Direct Folders”. Is impossible save to installed folder?

  • Sorry my English is very very poor.
    Firefox block an unsafed dll named “hook.dll”, and … yes, Direct Folder have a hook.dll with the whole same name.

    Can I just rename hook.dll to hok.dll or Direct Folder can make an update to rename “Hook.dll” to prevent be block by firefox?

    • I’ll fix it soon.


    A portable installation would be fantastic !

  • Mark

    I uninstalled and reinstalled but still see older main menu (no icons different options). version says 3.72 in about. Is there something I need to nuke?

    • Mark

      mm interesting had old icons for two reboots then oddly on another reboot now I have new menu, odd that!

    • DF installer won’t overwrite your old icons and settings. Just delete Icons folder and reinstall.

  • Ocram

    the program is failing by double-click or win-key + Q , after opening some programs o browser for not reason. What do I have to check , df.exe is activated. It doesn’t matter if i restart it over and over. IF i restart the computer, Direct folder is working fine….after using my computer , its got disable

    • Graeme

      Try version 3.62 rather

  • Bobby D

    DF version 3.73, most current version of Chrome and IE…… DF loads on start up and works fine for a while and then the double click or shortcut keys stop working. Reboot and everything works for a while again. This has been an ongoing problem for the past few versions. I keep hoping this problem gets fixed as I’d like to purchase the Pro version but won’t do that if the same problem exists with Pro. Thanks

  • Bob Eisenberg

    Direct Folders is a masterpiece. Thank you!!
    Using the 64 bit version in Windows 7 (latest release) I notice that double click on the desktop
    (for example) does not work after awhile. The problem seems to occur after another program
    is a particularly heavy user of CPU, e.g., a backup of a system image.A reboot is needed to
    fix the problem.

    Thanks again for the fine software.

    Ever yours