Neat Calendar 1.27

Added a new month calendar view:
• Shows events on a hours grid.
• Swipe up and down to change month.
• Tap and hold on a day to quickly add an event (6:00-23:00 or all day).

Calendar Month

Also added support for individual event’s colors.

Recent changes:


• Date and time format options [Pro]
• Display month if it differs from the current one


• Tap between clock and date to add a new event.


• Display event location [Pro].
• Compact header.
• Small text size.
• Bugfixes.


• Color settings added.
• Corrected multi-day events.


• Time span in days.
• Bugfixes.


• 12h clock in the header.
• Per-widget “Show header” setting.
• Custom alarm/clock app selection.

  • freddy

    Brill update!

    I like how the widget says “Today” and has hours:minutes remaining underneath. Any chance you can add the same hours:minutes feature under “Tomorrow”?

    Eg. 25:07 or 13:23 etc

  • Alex

    Very stylish calendar widget! I like it design very much! But could you add a 4×1 widget and remove for it time of event?
    Thank you!

  • Luis Santos

    It´s crasing on my Galaxy S4 with Android 4.3. I saw the same complaints from several S4 users on Google Play.